Electrical Characteristics of GaAs Implanted with High Energy (100 MeV) 28Si and 120Sn Ions


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In this work we carried out electrical characterization of n-GaAs implanted at 300 K with high energy (100 MeV) 28Si and 120Sn ions to a fluence of 1x1018 ions/m2 using current–voltage (I-V) measurements. The as implanted samples and samples annealed in the temperature range 373-1123 K have been investigated. Resistance of the samples obtained from I-V curves recorded over the temperature range 110K-270K indicate that the samples implanted with 28Si and annealed up to 623 K and the samples implanted with 120Sn and annealed up to 723K shows tunnel assisted hoping conduction mechanism. In the other hand, 28Si implanted samples annealed to 723K and 823K and 120Sn implanted samples annealed to 823K and 923K the electrical conduction mechanism is dominated by thermal hoping between closed defect states.



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Azmi Mohamed Yusof




Y. P. Ali et al., "Electrical Characteristics of GaAs Implanted with High Energy (100 MeV) 28Si and 120Sn Ions", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 661, pp. 3-7, 2014

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October 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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