Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering I

Volume 664

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Guo Peng, Hang Li, Hai Lang Liu, Hai Hua Yu

Abstract: Through introduction of meso-damage theory and application situation in recent years, the related categories and mechanism of meso-damage...

Authors: Bing Li, Bao Shan Huang, Qiao Zhou Nan, Xue Mei Qin

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analysis on cell morphology of polymer blends foam in different vibration parameters. In this study,...

Authors: Jing Yuan Guo, Qiang Tang, Li Gao, Ting Ting Lan, Chun Xiang Zhang, Da Ling Luo, Zhi Jian Tan

Abstract: In this paper, MgSO4:Dy,MgSO4:Tm and MgSO4:Mn phosphors are prepare by high temperature solid state...

Authors: Zhi An Liu, Shan Long, Ju Dong Zhao, Tian Xia, Hui Feng An, Xin Zhang, Wen Bo Ma, Hui Jie Nu, De Hao Kong

Abstract: The scale-inhibition effect of electromagnetic field was tested on circulating cooling water of power plant, and then the scale sample was...

Authors: Li Hui Zhang, Zhen Fa Liu, Ru Hui Guo

Abstract: A kind of multifunctional environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor (DHS) was prepared in order to protect many kinds materials from...

Authors: Beh Hoe Guan, Muhammad Hanif Zahari, Lee Kean Chuan

Abstract: This study investigates the influence of calcination temperatures on the magnetic properties of...

Authors: Abdalla I. Alajail, Ahmed I. Seedahmed, Babiker K. Abdalla, Omer A. Shaneb

Abstract: Pyrolysis of waste plastics is one of the routes used for waste minimization, which has been gaining interest in recent years as a feedstock...

Authors: Hui Xiao, Ya Xu Chu

Abstract: Based on CFD software platform the numerical simulation of internal characteristic of hydraulic retarder was performed by moving mesh method...

Authors: Zhong Wei Li

Abstract: —Abstract: The use of high-strength rock bolt in the underground often occured brittle fracture in the threaded section, this is closely...

Authors: Zi Ru Niu, Gang Yan Li, Jian Hu, Tian Li Yan, Si Yu Zhang, Jiang Jiang Tan

Abstract: Compared to the rack and pinion steering gear with constant ratio,the variable ratio rack and pinion of rack and pinion steering gear with...


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