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Authors: Zhi Guo Peng, Hang Li, Hai Lang Liu, Hai Hua Yu
Abstract: Through introduction of meso-damage theory and application situation in recent years, the related categories and mechanism of meso-damage were analyzed. The previous research on the application of the meso-damage of various materials was discussed and various research results analyzed. The emphasis and advantages of meso-damage theory in material application were concluded.
Authors: Bing Li, Bao Shan Huang, Qiao Zhou Nan, Xue Mei Qin
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analysis on cell morphology of polymer blends foam in different vibration parameters. In this study, foamed was produced using a dynamic simulation foaming setup designed by ourselves. The addition of the vibration force field improved the cell nucleation. At the same time, the vibration reduce the polymer viscosity and increase the dissolution of CO2, which improve the content of open-celled microcellular foam.
Authors: Jing Yuan Guo, Qiang Tang, Li Gao, Ting Ting Lan, Chun Xiang Zhang, Da Ling Luo, Zhi Jian Tan
Abstract: In this paper, MgSO4:Dy,MgSO4:Tm and MgSO4:Mn phosphors are prepare by high temperature solid state reaction. The MgSO4:Dy or MgSO4:Tm powder are mixed and sintered with MgSO4:Mn respectively to obtain the co-doped MgSO4:Dy,Mn and MgSO4:Tm,Mn phosphors. The 3-dimensional thermoluminescence spectra of these two phosphors under different sintering temperature are measured.Results show that when the sintering temperature is below 800°C, Dy, Tm and Mn ions emissions are independent. However, when the sintering temperature was over 800°C, the emission peak of Mn becomes weaker, and so do the low temperature peaks of Dy and Tm, while the high temperature peaks of Dy and Tm become stronger. This indicated that the defect complex structure in the formation of the thermoluminescence material depends on the sintering temperature. As the sintering temperature rises, more and more Mn ions combine with the rare earth ions. Therefore, the luminescence process of the energy transfer of Mn ions to the rare earth ions can be observed and the suppression to low temperature peaks of Tm and Dy, and also shown in spectra.
Authors: Zhi An Liu, Shan Long, Ju Dong Zhao, Tian Xia, Hui Feng An, Xin Zhang, Wen Bo Ma, Hui Jie Nu, De Hao Kong
Abstract: The scale-inhibition effect of electromagnetic field was tested on circulating cooling water of power plant, and then the scale sample was analyzed by SEM and XRD. The results showed that, under optimum scale-inhibition conditions, aragonite content increased and calcite content decreased, and scale-inhibition rate was up to 78.2%; under the poorest conditions, both aragonite and calcite crystals existed, and the scale-inhibition rate was-201.0%; after treating with electromagnetic field, size of both calcite and aragonite particles decreased, making them more easily flown away and thus showing better overall scale-inhibition effect; when energy provided by the electromagnetic field was more than the decrease in free energy of the system, extra energy turns the calcite CaCO3 into other forms of metastable crystalline phases, then content of different crystalline phases is changed in favor of scale inhibition.
Authors: Li Hui Zhang, Zhen Fa Liu, Ru Hui Guo
Abstract: A kind of multifunctional environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor (DHS) was prepared in order to protect many kinds materials from corrosion in iron and steel enterprise. The corrosion inhibition performance was studied by rotary hanging-piece corrosion tests . And biodegradability was investigated by biodegradation experiments . The experimental results showed that DHS has good performance both on corrosion inhibition and biologic degradable. It was suitable for the serious of materials and presense in iron and steel enterprise when the concentration of DHS was 0.4%. And the efficiency of biodegradability was 52.45% in 28d .
Authors: Beh Hoe Guan, Muhammad Hanif Zahari, Lee Kean Chuan
Abstract: This study investigates the influence of calcination temperatures on the magnetic properties of Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4(Ni-Zn) ferrites.Ni-Zn ferrite with the chemical formula Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 was prepared from their respective nitrate salts through the sol-gel method. The resulting ferrites were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) and vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM). Single phased Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 was obtained at all calcination temperatures.FESEM Micrographs reveals an increase in the grain size with the increase of the calcination temperature. Consequently, the magnetic saturation of the samples were found to increase with each increase in the calcination temperature where the highest value obtained is 70.58 emu/g for the samples calcined at 1000°C.
Authors: Abdalla I. Alajail, Ahmed I. Seedahmed, Babiker K. Abdalla, Omer A. Shaneb
Abstract: Pyrolysis of waste plastics is one of the routes used for waste minimization, which has been gaining interest in recent years as a feedstock method.In this work, the two universal problems: plastics waste and fuel shortage have been addressed simultaneously. The process of converting PP and PE plastics waste in Libya into fuel and chemicals was overviewed. Data concerning Plastic Industry in Libya was collected to which some projection of the future production rate and waste rate has been estimated.Keywords: Plastic waste; recycling of polymers; waste management.
Authors: Hui Xiao, Ya Xu Chu
Abstract: Based on CFD software platform the numerical simulation of internal characteristic of hydraulic retarder was performed by moving mesh method with the RNG turbulence model and the SIMPLEC algorithm simultaneously, the internal characteristics of velocity and pressure distribution were analyzed through the numerical simulation and post-processing. Comparing the calculation braking torque with the simulation results. The result shows that the model under 42°vane degree has the biggest impact.
Authors: Zhong Wei Li
Abstract: —Abstract: The use of high-strength rock bolt in the underground often occured brittle fracture in the threaded section, this is closely related to bolt material impact toughness. Tested the impact absorbed energy of four manufacturers of the yield strength of 500MPa rock bolt and the impact absorbed energy value ranging from 19J to 165J. Tested bending test of the bolt rod and threaded section that has a different impact absorbed energy, the results showed that: the impact toughness affects the cold bending of the rock bolt thread segment, when the impact absorbed energy value is less than 30J rock bolt thread segment cold bending poor; impact toughness has no obvious affect on the cold bending of rod.
Authors: Zi Ru Niu, Gang Yan Li, Jian Hu, Tian Li Yan, Si Yu Zhang, Jiang Jiang Tan
Abstract: Compared to the rack and pinion steering gear with constant ratio,the variable ratio rack and pinion of rack and pinion steering gear with variable ratio will cause changes in the force environment of the steering. It is necessary to analyze its structure and find the structural optimization method of the rack and pinion steering gear with variable ratio. The overall model of rack and pinion steering gear with variable ratio was established by using CATIA, and the stress-strain and the deformation analysis of the overall structure was carried out by using ANSYS Workbench. The analysis results provide an important reference basis for the structural optimization method of rack and pinion steering gear with variable ratio.

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