Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering I

Volume 664

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mansour Abtahi, Gholamreza Vossoughi, Ali Meghdari

Abstract: In this paper, a comprehensive model is used to describe dynamic behavior of SDA and its components during stepwise motion. In this model,...

Authors: R.K. Ganesh Ram, Yashaan Nari Cooper, Vishank Bhatia, R. Karthikeyan, C. Periasamy

Abstract: CFD method is inexpensive method of analysis of flow over aerodynamic structure. It incorporates mathematical relations and algorithms to...

Authors: Yan Yin, Jin Guo Ta, Rui Hua Zhang, Zhan Chong Wang

Abstract: Laser aided activating TIG welding was called LA-TIG. At first, the surface of weld was melted by the mini power laser protected by oxygen,...

Authors: Sangeeth Suresh, Aung Lwin Moe, Noorshahfinas Binti Ahmad, Suaidatunnajwa Binti Sulaiman

Abstract: Polishing of core and cavity surfaces after machining is a vital operation in the processing of plastic and metal cast products. It is...

Authors: Kamal Guendouz, Ayoub Sayhi, Wang Cheng

Abstract: In this work, the shaped charge jet formation depends on different parameters which can has effect on jet behavior such as jet velocity,...

Authors: S. Leksono, I.K.A.P. Utama, W.D. Aryawan

Abstract: The paper describes the results of analytical investigation on the application of vane-turbine in the propeller slipstream. The vane-turbine...

Authors: Yan Li, Ke Zhang, Jian Sun, Hong Sun, Zi Nan Wang

Abstract: Objective: To study the influence of disc cutter spacing on rock fragmentation efficiency and optimize cutter layout and improve the...

Authors: Shuang Xi Jing, Song Tao Guo, Jun Fa Leng, Xing Yu Zhao

Abstract: Constrained independent component analysis (cICA) is a new theory and new method derived from the independent component analysis (ICA).It...

Authors: L.T.P Sinaga, I.K.A.P Utama, A. Sulisetyono

Abstract: Recently the demand of sloshing analysis is rising for building FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas) vessel. This study considers the...

Authors: Hou Wang Li, Cong Wang, Xiao Shi Zhang

Abstract: To explore effective methods of avoiding POGO instability, this paper starts with a thorough study on influence of parameters on natural...


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