Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering I

Volume 664

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiang Zhang, Zong Chang Qu, Rong Cang, Xu Yang, Xiao Hong Ma

Abstract: Swing vane compressor (SVC) is a novel rotary compressor, which is structurally simple with a small size, a light weight and smooth...

Authors: Imam Djunaedi, Hilman Syaeful Alam, Aditya Sukma Nugraha

Abstract: Dynamic characteristics of a critical speed of the rotor components at generator geothermal power plant is evaluated using finite element...

Authors: Zhi Juan Rong, Xue Ming Wang, Bao Hua Lv, Xin Yue Zhang, Ling Zhang

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the ultimate bearing capacity of steel tubular transmission tower’s joint with annular plate based on the...

Authors: Hao Lan, Jia Jun Li, Jing Nan Zhang

Abstract: As heating transportation technology is widely used in waxy crude pipelines, elements that affect flow safety in pipeline transportation are...

Authors: Yan Fei Chen, Liang Yang, Shuang Zhuang

Abstract: In this paper, two kinds of adhesive polystyrene with different proportions and one retardant polystyrene board were studied by test of non...

Authors: Xin Ma, Ran Tu, Yan Li Zhao, Nan Wang, Qi Yuan Xie

Abstract: Research on building insulation materials and their safety is an important topic in the field of building energy conservation. The objective...

Authors: Wei Guang An, Lin Jiang, Jin Hua Sun, K.M. Liew

Abstract: An experimental study on downward flame spread over extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam at a high elevation is presented. The flame shape, flame...

Authors: Hilman Syaeful Alam, Imam Djunaedi, Demi Soetraprawata

Abstract: The structural integrity of heat exchanger tube at high pressure heater of coal-fired power plant has been evaluated using fitness for...

Authors: Chao Ding, De Chuang Zhou, Xiao Hui Zhang, Xin Ma, Jian Wang

Abstract: Flash point and boiling point are the important physical property of the flammable liquids, and are important parameters to evaluate their...

Authors: Widya Wijayanti

Abstract: The recent work found the physical properties that greatly affected the transport phenomena; enthalpy values and thermal conductivity values...


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