Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering I

Volume 664

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Praveen Meduri, Shirshak Dhali

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel methodology to automate the transistor-level sizing of OpAmps. Given the netlist and the specifications of...

Authors: Zhen Wang, Claire Jean-Mistral, Simon Chesné, Luc Gaudiller

Abstract: In a context of embedded structures, the next challenge is to develop an efficient, energetically autonomous vibration control technique....

Authors: Yong Ming Qian

Abstract: Position equation of 3-RRC parallel mechanism is established and its position direct and inverse solution is solved. The mechanism rate...

Authors: Muralindran Mariappan, Manimehala Nadarajan, Rosalyn R. Porle, Brendan Khoo, Wong Wei Kitt, Vigneswaran Ramu

Abstract: The use of medical robots in healthcare industry especially in rural areas are hitting limelight these days. Development of Medical...

Authors: Zhang Lei, Chang Tian Qing, Su Kui Feng

Abstract: For the fault detection of mechatronic control system, based on observer a feedforward compensation approach was presented. The model of a...

Authors: Chao Chen, Yan Li, Wei Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a 3D point cloud registration method based on light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system. The proposed method consists...

Authors: Vishank Bhatia, R. Karthikeyan, R.K. Ganesh Ram, Yashaan Nari Cooper

Abstract: The structural analysis of quad rotor frame is important since it has to withstand the forces due to aerodynamics and gravitational force...

Authors: Ângelo R. Araújo, Nuno Peixinho, A.C. Marques Pinho, J.C.P. Claro

Abstract: The Intervertebral Disc (IVD) is subjected to several types of loading during daily routine events. However, the overloading on this...

Authors: Jiang Chang, Guang Li, Guang Hua Wu, Xiao Feng Fu, Yu Yan Pang

Abstract: The paper made a research on the process of a biodegradable buffer packaging material prepared mainly by corn straw fiber and starch. By...

Authors: Ming San Miao, Bo Lin Cheng, Yuan Peng Chen, Na Jiang

Abstract: Objective: To study the effect of leptochloa on rats and mice ear swelling model. Methods: Each experiment group, mice were given...


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