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Authors: Ain Nihla Kamarudzaman, Chia Chay Tay, Amnorzahira Amir, Suhaimi Abdul-Talib
Abstract: The potential use of Pleurotus spent mushroom compost as a biosorbent for Fe (II) removal from aqueous solutions was investigated. The experiments were conducted in a fixed-bed column to investigate the influence of various parameters such as flow rate, bed depth and initial concentration on the biosorption of Fe (II). The results of breakthrough time, exhaustion time as well as the Fe (II) uptake and percentage of removal are highly influenced by the flow rate, bed depth and the initial Fe (II) concentration. The results demonstrated that the breakthrough time and exhaustion time increased with decreases in flow rate and initial Fe (II) concentration. Conversely, the breakthrough and exhaustion time decreased as the bed depth decreases.
Authors: Ming San Miao, Bo Lin Cheng, Na Jiang
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the effects of Sophora japonica total flavonoids hyperglycemia and diabetes in mice models. Methods: intraperitoneal injection of epinephrine, intravenous injection of freshly prepared alloxan or intravenous injection of streptozotocin, alloxan build adrenaline or hyperglycemia model streptozotocin diabetic model. Glucose values ​​were selected for each experiment> 11.1mmol / L, with a significantly more drinking, eating, and more urinary symptoms in mice 60, according to blood glucose levels were randomly divided into six groups, namely large, medium and small doses of Sophora japonica total flavonoids group, metformin group, the control group and model group. And were fed the appropriate medication, model group and the control group fed with the same volume of saline solution. Results: Sophora japonica total flavonoids can significantly reduce the adrenaline and alloxan mice with high blood sugar glucose levels, improve liver glycogen content; can significantly reduce the streptozotocin-diabetic mouse model of blood glucose levels and improve hepatic glycogen,can significantly improve the streptozotocin-induced islet cell damage. Conclusion: Sophora japonica total flavonoids mouse model of hyperglycemia and diabetes mellitus have a better hypoglycemic effect of its hypoglycemic effect and promote glycogen synthesis, reduce islet cell damage.
Authors: Qing Ming Wang, Jia Liu, Tian Xing Zhang, Feng Zhu, Xin Hui Tang
Abstract: We investigated the mutual interaction of daidzin with bovine serum albumin (BSA) by fluorescence spectroscopy. The results revealed that daidzin cause the fluorescence quenching of BSA through a static quenching procedure. The Stern-Volmer quenching constant (Ksv) were calculated at different temperature. The binding site (n), apparent binding constant (Ka) and corresponding thermodynamic parameters △Go, △Ho, △So were calculated and the van der Waals interaction, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions play an important role in stabilizing the complex. Besides, we also studied the effect of Cu2+, Ni2+, Mn2+ and Co2+ on the binding constants between daidzin and BSA, it is shows that the binding of BSA and daidzin is strengthened in the presence metal ions.
Authors: Ming San Miao, Bo Lin Cheng, Na Jiang, Mei Qiong Jiang
Abstract: Purpose: Research Qumai total flavonoids induced diabetic mice model of streptozotocin. Methods: 12 h after fasting groups of mice, Tail vein injection of citrate buffer chain urea with cephalosporins solution (80mg/kg,0.02ml/10g), To 1 times a day. In dosing 10, 20, 30 days tail blood glucose measurement value. On the 30th day fasting 12 h after the last for 1 h, Some blood, Measuring blood glucose、Glycosylation of serum protein, Serum insulin、Insulin resistance value;After the death in mice,Take the liver glycogen original value;Take the pancreas, and kidneys,10% formalin fixed liquid, As a pathological. Results: Compared with model group、blank group, each dose of dianthus superbus flavonoids to chain urea with cephalosporins cause diabetes in mice model can significantly improve the experiment indexes. Conclusion: Dianthus superbus flavonoids to chain urea with cephalosporins caused diabetes in mice model has good therapeutic effect.
Authors: Denny Widyanuriawan, Sugiarto
Abstract: Biogas purification is the most important process to increase the quality of biogas. This research was introduced a continuous system of biogas purification from CO2 impurity using zeolite and NaOH solution. The granular zeolites were varied from 1 to 5 layers on solid purifier. The NaOH solution was varied from 10% to 50 % based on concentration. Contact time of biogas with zeolite and NaOH solution were observed on interval of 15 minutes. The results showed that the ability of NaOH solution to absorb of CO2 is faster than zeolite. On the initial minutes, NaOH solution on the some concentration absorbed the CO2 until less than 10% of volume CO2 in biogas. Furthermore, the five layers of zeolites able to adsorb the CO2 until the 21.3% of volume CO2 in biogas on 60 minutes. For a similiar condition, CH4 levels increased to be 74.7% and 92.4% for zeolite and NaOH solution, respectively. The ability of CO2 absorbsion was influenced by layers number of zeolite purification system and the concentration of NaOH solution for NaOH purification system.
Authors: George Boiadjiev, Kamen Delchev, Tony Boiadjiev, Kazimir Zagurski, Rumen Kastelov
Abstract: This paper discusses a problem appeared by drill bit bending during bone drilling in the orthopedic surgery, where precision is needed for screws to be implanted. The bone surface has a specific shape and the drill bit may slip a little along the bone before the process start, when a large thrust force is applied by hand-drilling. That could be seen and correct by the surgeon. But he can’t see inside – where the second cortex drilling starts. The drill bit bending leads to the worse screw fixation and even to the bone damage – if the drill bit stays off broken inside. To solve this problem an active force control is made by robot application. Experiments and results are presented.
Authors: Mauricio Plaza Torres, William Aperador
Abstract: Hip disarticulation is an amputation through the hip joint capsule, removing the entire lower extremity, with closure of the remaining musculature over the exposed acetabulum. Tumors of the distal and proximal femur were treated by total femur resection; a hip disarticulation sometimes is performance for massive trauma with crush injuries to the lower extremity. This article discusses the design a system for rehabilitation of a patient with bilateral hip disarticulations. The prosthetics designed allowed the patient to do natural gait suspended between parallel articulate crutches with the body weight support between the crutches. The care of this patient was a challenge due to bilateral amputations at such a high level and the special needs of a patient mobility.
Authors: Ming San Miao, Lin Guo, Shan Cao, Xiao Fang Guo
Abstract: To study the analgesic effect of Arisaema wine paste, vinegar paste for external use. By two pain tests induced by formaldehyde and by hot plate ,observing the effect of high and low-dose of different varieties Arisaema with wine paste and vinegar paste on the the behavior of model mice.In the pain tests induced by formaldehyde,after administration of 5min and 10min,high and low-dose of different varieties Arisaema with wine paste and vinegar paste can significantly reduced the number of times of mice licking foot (P<0.01).In the pain tests induced by hot plate,after the administration of 30min ~ 90min, ,high and low-dose of different varieties Arisaema with wine paste and vinegar paste can significantly significantly increased the pain threshold of mice (P<0.01). Arisaema topical has good therapeutic effect on mice induced pain model, and topical analgesic effect of Arisaema is better.
Authors: Jiang Chang, Feng Xu, Guang Hua Wu, Xiao Feng Fu, Guang Li, Yu Yan Pang
Abstract: The drying rate is difficult to control for perilla leaf during the microwave vacuum drying process. Through scientific approaches, this paper made a research on the relationships between drying factors and drying rate, and established a kinetics model on microwave vacuum drying of perilla leaf. The model can predict the water content variations of perilla leaf during microwave vacuum drying, and provides a theory basis for packaging, storage and transportation for perilla leaf production.

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