Materials Science and Processing, Environmental Engineering and Information Technologies

Volume 665

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Li, Zi Li Kou, Shen Zhuo Liu, Rui Zhang, Ping Ping Liu, Fang Ming Liu, Wen Wen Yin, Shuai Yin, Jian Lai Zou

Abstract: The performance and wear mechanisms of one type of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) cutting tool with two different cutting edge...

Authors: Jian Lai Zou, Zi Li Kou, Chao Xu, Pei Wang, Shuai Yin, Yong Li

Abstract: This work present the study of the sintering of polycrystalline diamond compact with hyperbolic truncated cone profile using hexagonal boron...

Authors: Jie Liu

Abstract: In this paper, Vibration-suspense-type process is used to develop a new material, metal or porcelain powder coated with resin or ceramic...

Authors: Zhao Feng Zhou, Xiao Hua Ni, Xiao Jun Zhu

Abstract: The ratio of TC4 titanium alloy’s yield strength (σs) and elastic modulus is very high . Springback amount of TC4 forming is big at room...

Authors: Shu Guo Zhao, Cheng Cheng, Cheng Long Li

Abstract: Laser cladding technology is used to prepare TC11 titanium alloy surface coated CBN. Through the finite element method to simulate the...

Authors: Tian Shu Song, Ahmed Hassan

Abstract: In transversely isotropic piezoelectric bi-materials, a theoretical analysis is followed to calculate the dynamic stress intensity factors...

Authors: Guang Hui Yang, Jian Guo Cao, Jie Zhang, Hong Bo Li, Jie Zheng

Abstract: Based on the theory of target curve, a method of improving flatness target curve is proposed. The transverse temperature distributions of...

Authors: Yan Mei Liu, Cun Liang Zhang, Shu Fang Lou, Qing Wang

Abstract: Corrosion inhibitor-inorganic clay composite including 2-mercaptobenzimidazole (MBI) anions intercalating Zn-Al layered double hydroxides...

Authors: Yan Wei, Li Chen, Hong Zhong Cai, Xiao Hong Qi, Xu Zheng, Chang Yi Hu

Abstract: Nickel-based super alloy, niobium alloy, refractory metal and carbon fiber reinforced composite are the most common structural materials...


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