Electronics, Mechatronics and Automation III

Volume 666

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.666

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Authors: Theampetch Apichaya, Paweena Prapainainar, Chaiwat Prapainainar

Abstract: In this paper, proton conducting composite membranes of Nafion®-mordenite for direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) were prepared using solution...

Authors: A. Saad Najim, Mohammed Adwaa

Abstract: This work deals with studying the mechanical properties specially fatigue behavior for high performance composite materials of poly ether...

Authors: Hang Li, Hai Lang Liu, Hai Hua Yu, Yi Ping Huang

Abstract: Through introduction of the principle and characteristics of electron beam machining technology, the application status and application...

Authors: Lin Yang, Si Ni Wang, Li Lin, Wei Wu, Li Jia Chen

Abstract: The combination of atomization and smelting fabricated high strength Al-6Zn-2Mg-2Cu alloy. Microstructure was observed and analyzed by...

Authors: Chung Long Pan, Chun Hsu Shen, Wei Cheng Lin, Shin Hung Lin

Abstract: The effects of B2O3 additive on the microstructures, the phase formation and the microwave dielectric properties of...

Authors: Suhaimi Hassan, Hussain Hamoud Al-Kayiem, Abuzar Ghaffari

Abstract: In this study, an investigation was conducted to develop oil palm fiber from palm oil mill waste as a thermal insulator. The experimental...

Authors: Feng Ling Yang, Guo Qi Liu, Hong Xia Li, Wen Gang Yang, Jian Bin Yu, Fan Qian, Tian Fei Ma

Abstract: In order to improve the coke residue of phenolic resins (PF), different solvents were used in the present work. The research indicates that...

Authors: Samorn Hirunpraditkoon, Saravut Intharit, Sineenat Srisumran, Pairoj Wongvirojtana

Abstract: This work aimed to use durian peel as raw material for producing bio-briquette charcoal by combustion and gasification. Briquette charcoal...

Authors: Dan Wu, You Yuan Chen, Jin Jun Li

Abstract: The problem of urban soil pollution has become increasingly prominent. Finding out the source of contamination of the replaced soil,...


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