Advances in Computers, Electronics and Mechatronics

Volume 667

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Zhen Chen

Abstract: One of the main problems with virtual reality as a learning tool for vocational education is that there are hardly any theories or models...

Authors: Jin Liang Wang, Hao Zhang, Meng Ting Zhou, Jia Heng Xu, Lian Xi Sun

Abstract: In this paper, combined with trainees ' locking mistakenly or doing wrong with work order that others initiated and problems that teaching...

Authors: Ling Ling Chen, Pei Hua He, Lei Cao, Shu Guang Liu, Dan Ping Liu, Yun Jian Jia

Abstract: In this paper,the means of WiFi was used to access to mobile phone MAC address to get passenger flow data and existing prediction methods...

Authors: Zhang Bin, Lei Xu, Ya Ran Chen, Zheng Zheng Liu

Abstract: With the rapid development of various media forms in modern society and the rise of various means of communication, the media pattern has...

Authors: De Lin Sun, Pin Lv, Qiu Xiang Zhou, Yang Ming Lau, Pin Xiang Yang, Lei Han, Jing Yi An, Wen Sun, Yu Ting Fan, Lu Chen, Jian Xiong Huang, Qian Kang

Abstract: This paper first probes into information-based entrepreneurship related theory. Secondly, studied the information-based entrepreneurship...

Authors: Xiao Bin Ling, Shu Qin Li

Abstract: This article introduces the concepts of intimacy in psychology into the micro-blog for modeling the relations and recommending the close...

Authors: Shu Qian Shan, Zhi Gang Tian, Feng Juan Guo, Jia Xun Ren

Abstract: With the rapid development of higher education, students copying work is becoming increasingly serious.The purpose of this paper is:first,...

Authors: Jie Fu, Qiu Feng Wang, Hai Ming Zhao, Xuan Hua Xu, Yi Min Xia

Abstract: This paper describes the Realization of technology on Engineering Machinery Service (EMS) platform, based on environment of Visual...

Authors: Bo Jian, Cheng Yang

Abstract: Online Teaching is growing popular and popular and many universities and organizations offer online teaching courses, such as Coursera, Edx...


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