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Authors: Jian Zhen Chen
Abstract: One of the main problems with virtual reality as a learning tool for vocational education is that there are hardly any theories or models upon which to found and justify the application development. This paper presents a model of virtual reality systems for vocational education. The essential components of the model: real environments, vocational, virtual reality system, interfaces, students, instruction team, and technology team. Metaphor is the core of our model, and one of the main advantages of metaphors is their potential universality.
Authors: Jin Liang Wang, Hao Zhang, Meng Ting Zhou, Jia Heng Xu, Lian Xi Sun
Abstract: In this paper, combined with trainees ' locking mistakenly or doing wrong with work order that others initiated and problems that teaching schedule and teaching quality is unable to control ,we use “Macro Program” and “Microsoft ODBC for Oracle” to develop the training auxiliary tools in the EXCEL' s circumstances by VBA programming technology and then we achieved the goal of the teaching results of closed-loop test and operation of information broadcast which is based on the working process.
Authors: Ling Ling Chen, Pei Hua He, Lei Cao, Shu Guang Liu, Dan Ping Liu, Yun Jian Jia
Abstract: In this paper,the means of WiFi was used to access to mobile phone MAC address to get passenger flow data and existing prediction methods were compared. Then N6 of Chongqing International Expo Exhibition Center was taken as the object of study and 5min was taken as the time interval to count N6 hall passenger flow from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm of 5 open days to obtain time series. At last, ARMA model was established to predict passenger flow of short time. The results show that the mean we use in this paper has high accuracy of prediction, MAE is 2.8771,and the means can be used for the passenger flow prediction of exhibition well.
Authors: Zhang Bin, Lei Xu, Ya Ran Chen, Zheng Zheng Liu
Abstract: With the rapid development of various media forms in modern society and the rise of various means of communication, the media pattern has already had dramatic changes. Increasingly convenient means of communication have brought a large amount of information for the mass public and the society. To help the public better analyze the current situation and trends in the media industry, we have proposed different rating systems for different segments of the media industry, and then we give each system corresponding emphasis and calculate its assessment index, and finally use the ranking list to present an objective analysis of the results. A set of precise rating system has been established based on the method of fuzzy mathematics and analytical hierarchy process in this paper. The target field of broadcasting and television is ranked accurately according to the ranking system combined with the advice of the senior in the media industry and researcher. The result of the ranking can make a reference to the current situation and trend of broadcasting and television industry and make a long-term guide for future planning and development of the industry.
Authors: De Lin Sun, Pin Lv, Qiu Xiang Zhou, Yang Ming Lau, Pin Xiang Yang, Lei Han, Jing Yi An, Wen Sun, Yu Ting Fan, Lu Chen, Jian Xiong Huang, Qian Kang
Abstract: This paper first probes into information-based entrepreneurship related theory. Secondly, studied the information-based entrepreneurship related areas to promote the development of strategic emerging industries. Finally, summed up the research conclusion: the development of information technology to the development of information-based entrepreneurship to create a good environment; Under the background of strategic emerging industries information-based entrepreneurship is becoming a new hot spot; Be badly in need of information the pioneering theory to guide practice in our country.
Authors: Xiao Bin Ling, Shu Qin Li
Abstract: This article introduces the concepts of intimacy in psychology into the micro-blog for modeling the relations and recommending the close friends. Inspired by psychology, we measure the degree of intimacy between users in micro-blog through five factors: common friends, common concerns, frequency of forwarding information, frequency of sending message between users and user’s location. In the recommendation stage, we first determine the users whose value of intimacy with the target user are higher than others as the close friends, and then recommend the close friends with the same treatment to the target. In the experiment, we use the proposed intimacy relationship model to analyze the user data and information in Sina Weibo. Experimental results show that our method can obtain accurate users’ relations same as the distribution of real-world, and can make humane user recommendation similar to mutual referrals in real-world for the target.
Authors: Shu Qian Shan, Zhi Gang Tian, Feng Juan Guo, Jia Xun Ren
Abstract: With the rapid development of higher education, students copying work is becoming increasingly serious.The purpose of this paper is:first, geting the count and frequency of attribute used in program, and second using Chi-square test method to get the similarity between programs. This method has very good results for teachers to detect plagiarism.
Authors: Jie Fu, Qiu Feng Wang, Hai Ming Zhao, Xuan Hua Xu, Yi Min Xia
Abstract: This paper describes the Realization of technology on Engineering Machinery Service (EMS) platform, based on environment of Visual Studio 2005. The EMS platform is designed to keep the accuracy of users’ information when registering as well as to filter malicious users who register with fictitious information. During the register process, EMS platform realizes the validation function of Email address which can provide better protection for the website and also inform users of precise information.
Authors: Bo Jian, Cheng Yang
Abstract: Online Teaching is growing popular and popular and many universities and organizations offer online teaching courses, such as Coursera, Edx and udacity. Case based teaching as a new approach to construct knowledge hierarchy and it uses 'trigger' cases to stimulate interest in a particular area of the curriculum so it always has a better effect than ordinary method. Based on this situation, the main aim of this paper is to design a web-based case learning system for courses in software engineering. The system allows students play as different roles and study different types of cases in the software engineering field. Thus compared with common teaching method, this system can stimulate students’ interest and enhance students' understanding of software engineering.

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