Cross Sellingusing Association Rule Mining


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In the retail enterprises, it is an important problem to choose goods group through their sales record.We should consider not only the direct benefits of product, but also the benefits bring by the cross selling. On the base of the mutual promotion in cross selling, in this paper we propose a new method to generate the optimal selected model. Firstly we use Apriori algorithm to obtain the frequent item sets and analyses the association rules sets between products.And then we analyses the above results to generate the optimal products mixes and recommend relationship in cross selling. The experimental result shows the proposed method has some practical value to the decisions of cross selling.



Edited by:

Zhang Lin, Hongying Hu, Yajun Zhang, Jianguo Qiao and Jiamin Xu




R. B. Yao et al., "Cross Sellingusing Association Rule Mining", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 687-691, pp. 1337-1341, 2014

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November 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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