Dynamic Analysis of Flapper/Nozzle Electrohydraulic Servovalve Considering the Influence of the First-Stage Parameters


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The mathematic model of flapper/nozzle electrohydraulic servovalves is rearranged, many factors are reconsidered which have been omitted in the past analysis which are for the purposes of convenience or on the assumption that they are of no particular significance. According to the rearranged mathematic model, the simulation model of the servovalve is established using the Matlab/simulink software, dynamic response characteristics of the servovalve is simulated when the parameters of the discharge coefficient of nozzles and the viscous damping constant of torque motor and flapper are changed. Simulation results show that the change of the parameters influence the dynamic response of the spool displacement.



Edited by:

Zhang Lin, Hongying Hu, Yajun Zhang, Jianguo Qiao and Jiamin Xu




W. Zhang and S. J. Li, "Dynamic Analysis of Flapper/Nozzle Electrohydraulic Servovalve Considering the Influence of the First-Stage Parameters", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 687-691, pp. 316-321, 2014

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November 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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