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Authors: Qing Dun Zeng, Yong Lu Zhou
Abstract:In order to reveal the failure properties of AFRP sheet-reinforced beams under 4-point bending, a 3-D finite element model of RC beam,...
Authors: Yue Liu, Yang Li, Ying Liu, Hong Sheng Yin, Li Li Wang, Kun Sun, Yu Gao
Abstract:Structure information of barium hexaferrite is very important in designing higher efficient synthetic methods and in tailoring the magnetic...
Authors: Gang Li, Shuang Xia Zhu
Abstract:Owing to its high mechanical strength, chemical inertness, low frictional coefficient, high wear and corrosion resistance properties and so...
Authors: Lei Chen
Abstract:Springback during unloading affects the dimensional accuracy of sheet metal parts. This paper proposes a finite element model to predict...
Authors: Jun Zhao, Li Jun Wang, Dan Ying Gao
Abstract:The numerical simulation by nonlinear finite element method(FEM) was adopted to analyze the behavior and the influences of the volume...
Authors: Yu Wang, Li Lin
Abstract:With the development of oil exploration and electronics technology, the automation control technologies of hydraulic disc brake system (HDBS)...
Authors: Jian Hua Wen, Cui Ying Zhou, Li Huang, Ye Cheng, Lin Chong Huang, Fan Fan You
Abstract:Based on the property that micro-cells strength is consistent with lognormal distribution function, this paper presented a new statistical...
Authors: Qi Jia, Li Xun Cai, Chen Bao
Abstract:Thin plates and small thin-walled tubes of zircaloys are used as fuel cladding materials of nuclear reactors. In order to prevent buckling of...
Authors: Chen Bao, Li Xun Cai, Xue Wei Huang
Abstract:Based on low cycle fatigue critical damage, a numerical procedure for predicting stable fatigue crack propagation behavior of materials and...
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