Advances in Material Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Volume 69

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Fang Zhu

Abstract: VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) and Pump-control are the two kinds of power components for hydraulic servo system. With different command...

Authors: Jia Qiang Zhang, Shen Shen Wang, Fang Nian Wang, Jin Fu Feng, Feng Huang

Abstract: Monostatic surface wave radar is vulnerable by the threat of stealth targets and establishment of near space bistatic radar is the most...

Authors: Ling Ling, Qing Dun Zeng, Gui Yuan Wang

Abstract: On the basis of the analytical methods of composite mechanics, a layered shear-lag model was established to study the shear stress...

Authors: Jin Yu Qu, Yi Rui Zhang, Gui Xian Qu, Lin Liu

Abstract: In this paper the executive mechanism and electric-hydraulic control system for AMT automatic clutch were designed. A hydraulic cylinder was...

Authors: Xiao Kai Wang, Zhi Jun Zheng, Ji Lin Yu, Chang Feng Wang

Abstract: The dynamic response of functionally graded cellular structures subjected to impact of a finite mass was investigated in this paper....

Authors: Hua Sheng Zheng, Si Rong Zhu, Zhuo Qiu Li, Jing Li

Abstract: In order to improve the gauge factor of polymer-matrix carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) for strain sensing, the carbon fiber...

Authors: Bing Han, Chao Deng, Dong Ying Ju

Abstract: Water cavitation peening (WCP) with aeration is a recent potential method in the surface enhancement techniques. In this method, a...

Authors: Qiang Shao, Chang Jian Feng, Wen Long Li

Abstract: To distinguish chatter gestation, chatter recognition method based on hybrid KPCA(Kernel Principal Compenent Analysis) and SVM(Support...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhang, Bin Shi Xu, Shi Yun Dong, Zhi Jian Wang, Han Shan Dong, Qing Fen Li

Abstract: In order to enhance the performances of laser remanufacturing part, we combined laser cladding with active screen plasma nitriding duplex...

Authors: Hai Quan Wang, Lin Tong Wang, Hong Yan Zhang

Abstract: TiC/C composite fibers were prepared by vapor phase titanizing of the regular carbon fibers via chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The carbon...


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