Spin Coating Deposition of c-Oriented Wurtzite Gallium Nitride Thin Film


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Spin coating growth and characterisations of c-oriented wurtzite structure gallium nitride (GaN) thin film on silicon (Si) substrate with (100) orientation was reported. The precursor solution consisted of a readily available gallium (III) nitrate hydrate powder, ethanol and diethanolamine as starting material, solvent and surfactant. All the structural and optical results showed that c-oriented wurtzite GaN thin film was deposited on Si (100) substrate. Compared with earlier reported work using sol-gel deposition, significant improvements in the structural quality of the GaN thin film were observed. The FWHM value of the thin film was approximately 2.60°. The framework described here is both an easy in setup and simple method as compared to other method such as MBE, MOCVD, and radio frequency sputtering to produce c-oriented wurtzite structure GaN thin film.



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Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Bashir Mohamad Bali Mohamad, Mariana Yusoff et al.




C. Y. Fong et al., "Spin Coating Deposition of c-Oriented Wurtzite Gallium Nitride Thin Film", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 699, pp. 70-75, 2015

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November 2014




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