The Determination and Evaluation of Nitinol Constitutive Models for Finite Element Analysis


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Superelastic Ni-Ti (Nitinol) is a member of the shape memory alloy (SMA) family of metals. The physical properties of Nitinol are highly dependant on a number of factors, including manufacturing method, subsequent processing, operating temperature, and strain rate. These factors complicate the prescription of material constitutive models, leading to complexities in the computational analysis of Nitinol components. The current work explores the limitations in the Nitinol material model available in existing commercial finite element (FE) software using a series of specially design experimental tests and representative FE models.



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J. Quinta da Fonseca




E. McCummiskey et al., "The Determination and Evaluation of Nitinol Constitutive Models for Finite Element Analysis", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 7-8, pp. 81-88, 2007

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August 2007




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