Effect of Indenter Geometries on Material Properties: A Finite Element Simulation


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In this study, numerical indentation tests are carried out to examine the sensitivity of FE solutions with respect to different types of substrate models. Axisymmetric, 3D-quarter and 3D-half geometry substrates with a perfectly sharp indenter are modelled. Numerical evaluations of three different indenters, namely Berkovich, Vickers and conical indenters with perfectly sharp tips are investigated. From the FE simulations, the loading-unloading curves can be obtained. From the slope of the unloading curve, the hardness and elastic modulus can be calculated by using the Oliver-Pharr method. The results are compared to investigate the effects of using different indenter geometries. The equivalent plastic strains and the effects of different face angles of the indenters are analysed.



Edited by:

R. L. Burguete, M. Lucas, E. A. Patterson, S. Quinn




J.J. Kang et al., "Effect of Indenter Geometries on Material Properties: A Finite Element Simulation", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 70, pp. 219-224, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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