Advances in Experimental Mechanics VIII

Volume 70

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Maarten De Strycker, Pascal Lava, Wim Van Paepegem, Luc Schueremans, Dimitri Debruyne

Abstract: Residual stresses can affect the performance of steel tubes in many ways and as a result their magnitude and distribution is of particular...

Authors: G. Le Louëdec, M.A. Sutton, Fabrice Pierron

Abstract: Welding is one of the most popular joining technologies in industry. Depending on the materials to be joined, the geometry of the parts and...

Authors: Ran Li, W. Sun, Thomas H. Hyde, Edward J. Williams, Xing Guo Wang

Abstract: A fatigue crack growth test program has been carried out on hollow, SuperCMV shaft specimens, with transverse holes, under combined...

Authors: Shinichi Suzuki, Tomotaka Miyashita, Hideyuki Kimura, Masahiro Kohjiba

Abstract: Moiré interferometry is a very sensitive optical method to measure the in-plane displacement of a solid specimen, and is useful to measure...

Authors: Rachel A Tomlinson, Ying Du, Eann A Patterson

Abstract: Crack tip plasticity has been investigated using thermoelastic stress analysis (TSA) and digital image correlation (DIC). The plastic zone...

Authors: M.R.M. Aliha, Mahdi Rezaei

Abstract: Crack growth path was investigated experimentally, numerically and theoretically using two test specimens subjected to pure mode II loading....

Authors: Pascal Lava, Sam Coppieters, Yue Qi Wang, Paul van Houtte, Dimitri Debruyne

Abstract: The determination of strain fields based on displacement components obtained via 2D-DIC is subject to several errors that originate from...

Authors: Torsten Sjögren, Fredrik Wilberfors, Monika Alander

Abstract: Digital image correlation techniques (DIC) have been used in this study to reveal how different phases (graphite, ferrite and pearlite) of...

Authors: Yue Qi Wang, Pascal Lava, Dimitri Debruyne, Paul van Houtte

Abstract: Digital image correlation (DIC) involves certain errors during correlation, which are highly influenced by factors, e.g. image qualities,...

Authors: Xiao Chuan Zhang, Jin Long Chen, Nan Zhan

Abstract: Based on the principle of quadrilateral element digital image correlation (Q-DIC) method, this paper proposes one element Q-DIC method,...


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