Real-Time Implementation in DSPACE of Rotor Magnetic Field Control of Bearingless Induction Motor


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A bearingless induction motor is a strong coupled complex system, the decoupling control of torque and radial suspension force is the premise of the stable operation of the bearingless induction motor. In this paper, the principle of bearingless induction motor is expounded. The magnetic mathematical models of bearingless induction motor are created. The rotor field oriented control strategy is designed. The control strategy is validated with Matlab/simulink. Real-time simulation model based on dSPACE is given and the platform based on dSPACE is constructed. The results show that this method has good decoupling control performance. The actual system development and experiment process confirms that the dSPACE real-time simulation platform can shorten the development time and facilitate the development process, and save costs during the design and test period.



Edited by:

Shangsheng Wen and Nathan Bowen




Q. Zhang et al., "Real-Time Implementation in DSPACE of Rotor Magnetic Field Control of Bearingless Induction Motor", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 703, pp. 335-338, 2015

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December 2014




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