Mechanics and Control Engineering III

Volume 704

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Hung Yu, Kien Wen Sun

Abstract: This work aims to enhance the power conversion efficiency of PEDOT:PSS/Si hybrid solar cells by reducing the resistance of PEDOT:PSS of...

Authors: Chang Yeop Lee, Se Won Kim

Abstract: Reburning technology has been developed to adopt various commercial combustion systems. Fuel lean reburning is an advanced reburning method...

Authors: Abbas Rahimi, Andy Cordonier, Abhilash J. Chandy

Abstract: This study presents statistical analysis of particle size distribution from a CFD simulation of polymer devolatilization in contactor, that...

Authors: Alexandre Furtado Ferreira, José Adilson de Castro, Ivaldo Leão Ferreira

Abstract: The microstructure evolution during the directional solidification of Al-Cu alloy is simulated using a phase field model. The transformation...

Authors: Zh.M. Blednova, P.O. Rusinov, I.S. Myshevsky

Abstract: Mechanical tests of alloyed TiNi compounds with shape memory effect were performed. Low-cycle tests of alloyed compounds showed that an...

Authors: Sy Quy Nguyen, Jean Francois Chatelain

Abstract: In the aerospace industry, numerous large parts with complex curvatures and several thin wall/web pockets are required to ensure stiffness...

Authors: Lanka Rasidhar, A. Rama Krishna, Ch. Srinivasa Rao, K. Vijaya Lakshmi

Abstract: In the present investigation, microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposites fabricated via stir casting were evaluated. The...

Authors: Mohammed Al Ghamedi, Lidvin Kjerengtroen, Jon J. Kellar, William M. Cross, Selvin P. Thomas

Abstract: Thermoplastic composite manufacturing is often difficult due to high viscosity of the matrix materials. Coupling a high level of mechanical...

Authors: Ankit Panchal, Amit Patel, S. Sheth, Anand Joshi

Abstract: Electrochemical Machining is one of established non-traditional machining process which is widely used in micro machining parts. Purpose of...


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