Fabrication and Luminescent Properties of YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 Mesoporous Composites


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The optical functionalized YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 mesoporous composites were prepared by hydrothermal method. The structure, morphology, luminescence properties and fluorescence dynamics were studied systemically. The compared studies of the luminescence properties of YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 with YVO4: Eu3+ nanocrystal were performed. The results show that the YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 retains high ordered mesoporous structure of MCM-41. In YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41, the intrinsic excitation bands of Eu3+ disappears and the lifetimes of Eu3+ become short. The luminescent efficiency of YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 is higher than ones of the YVO4: Eu3+ nanocrystal.



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Helen Zhang, M. Han and X.J. Zhao




Y. Jiang and S. W. Li, "Fabrication and Luminescent Properties of YVO4: Eu3+/MCM-41 Mesoporous Composites", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 707, pp. 102-105, 2015

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December 2014





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