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Authors: Yi Jiung Lin, Hsien Te Lin, Chong Yi Chou
Abstract: Heat from solar radiation contributes to the high energy usage in Taiwan. Green roofs are well known efficient tools for heat insulation. Reservoir sedimentation is a serious problem in Taiwan. This paper studies reservoir sludge as planting substrate in green roofs to solve the problem of reservoirs, and to reduce the indoor heat translation from the roof. The six physical properties of calcined sludge particles are examined, and their thermal performance is evaluated.
Authors: Qun Chen, Yan Bing Ye, Li Jin Ma
Abstract: Urban waterfront is a specific space district in the city which denotes the land or construction adjoining rivers, lakes and oceans in the city. With the rising of economic development and people’s higher requirements for the quality of life, urban waterfront has become a distinctive district of city landscape and the window of city’s charm. This paper discusses the excavation and shaping of distinctive elements in landscape planning of modern urban waterfront.
Authors: Nian He Chen, Jiao Jiao Yuan, Cong Bin Huang, De Jian Shen
Abstract: A relatively deepgoing experimental research and analysis is carried out for the reinforced concrete beams strengthened with externally bonded Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). First, a total of eight test beams are derived. The four-point bending test is then used to determine the load-displacement relationships of the beams. In the study, the performance of CFRP sheets is investigated. By comparison of the results of the experimental research on the R.C beam unstrengthened and the R.C beam strengthened by CFRP, it is shown that the influence of the carbon fiber sheets on the flexural carrying capacity of the strengthened beams is significant, CFRP has obvious effect to constrain the crack of the beams. The beam strengthened by CFRP at the different stages of the loading has ‘strain lag’. The plane assumption is valid for the beams strengthened by CFRP in different stages. The ductility of the beam strengthened by CFRP is obviously improved.
Authors: Hai Ying Wan, Lin Ma
Abstract: The steel structure engineering of Hefei xinqiao international airport terminal is large span special-shaped steel structure, this paper simulate the construction process and analyze the internal force and deformation. Finite element analysis (FEA) software sap2000 is used to simulate and analyze the steel box girder and tubular truss, the results is used as the basis and guidance of construction monitoring.
Authors: Jun Wang, Hong Guang Ji, Chuan Qing Wang, Yun Bai
Abstract: Settlement calculation of composite foundation is a hot field in geotechnical engineering research . In the paper with an engineering example, useing the equivalent natural settlement calculation methods and weighted modulus settlement calculation methods to calculate the settlement of composite foundations combined by CFG pile and concrete ramming enlarge pile, which compared with the practical measurement result . The results show that the errors of calculated value of the equivalent natural settlement calculation method were permitted and suitable for calculating composite foundation settlement.
Authors: Xin Jiang Wei, Jie Hong, Gang Wei
Abstract: Considering the interaction of building-soil-tunnel, the grillage beams foundation frame building vertical crossed by Double-O-Tube (DOT) shield tunnel was simulated by 3D MIDAS/ GTS software, and the impact of construction on the building was analyzed. The results show that: the ground settlement trough caused by DOT shield tunnel can be fitted by peck formula; during the passage of the shield tunneling through the building, the settlement of the building increased and settlement trough was wilder; the settlement was stable and had a little rebound when shield machine already passed the building; with the increase of driving distance, the first principal stress P1 increased and then was stable; with the increase of L, the shape of foundation settlement curve changed, and the maximum differential settlement between columns increased but was small.
Authors: Wen I Liao
Abstract: In this study, high seismic performance RC frames have been proposed to have Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) bars acting as a kind of structural bracing system at both sides of a frame to increase the energy dissipation capacity of the RC frame. The type of SMA bar used in the study is the Superelastic SMA bar. The force-displacement hysteretic loops of the RC frame with SMA bars under seismic loading are presented and compared with the test results of the bare RC frame. Test results show that the SMA bars can effectively reduce the maximum story drift of the tested frame. It was found that the reduction of story drift and base shear was depending on the characteristic of the input ground motions.
Authors: Fu Wei Xu, Hai Yu Chen
Abstract: Aimed at stability against up-sliding that the dam engineers have concerned closely, in this paper combining two models of arch dam, the analysis of 3-D finite element method has been carried out about shear of contact face between foundation and high arch dam, we concluded probability of stability against up-sliding along contact face between foundation and high double curvature arch dam was little, but the problem of stability against up-sliding at high single curvature arch dam was existed, so we should study its stability against up-sliding.
Authors: Shi Jie Jiang, Li Yin Shen, Wei Sheng Lu, Li Zhou
Abstract: The paper describes the impact of infrastructure investment to coordinated urban and rural development in China from three aspects. First, infrastructure investment can alleviate the question of ‘three rural issues’ of facilitating agriculture, boosting rural economy, and raising farmers’ income. Second, infrastructure investment can enhance production and living conditions of farmers, improve social undertakings and help build well-off society. Third, infrastructure investment can improve ecological environment in rural areas.

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