Investigating Mix Proportions of Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Concrete


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An experimental program was carried out to obtain the density and compressive strength of lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) concretes. Tauchi’s approach was adopted to reduce the numbers of experiment. Four control factors and two responses were used. The results show that EPS dosage had the most significant effect on density and compressive strength. The density value of EPS concrete showed an almost linear decrease as the volume of EPS and W/C parameters increased, but results in a decrease in compressive strength.



Edited by:

Dongye Sun, Wen-Pei Sung and Ran Chen




Y. Xu and L. H. Jiang, "Investigating Mix Proportions of Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Concrete", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 71-78, pp. 950-953, 2011

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July 2011





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