Study on Macroseismic Response of an Special-Shape Concrete-Filled-Steel-Tube Arch Bridge


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It is extremely complex for the seismic response of special-shape Concrete-filled-steel-tube arch bridge under severe earthquake, mainly in: the structure may enter elastic-plastic working state and nonlinear border, etc., with regards to this, the elastic-plastic beams unit of concrete-filled-steel-tube is introduced, using different boundary processing modes and establishing three different Midas finite element models. According to the second-level requirements of seismic probability level, regarding the artificial seismic waves as seismic input wave, it is carried out the three-dimensional seismic response of arch bridge. The results is showed that it have not yet entered elastic-plastic work scope for structure under E2 action of earthquake and the special-shape concrete-filled-steel-tube arch bridge is with the features of light deadweight and good seismic behavior.



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Jeremy (Zheng) Li




G. P. Huang, "Study on Macroseismic Response of an Special-Shape Concrete-Filled-Steel-Tube Arch Bridge", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 711, pp. 454-460, 2015

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December 2014





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