Application of High Strength Additives in SMA Asphalt Mixture


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At present, SMA mixture generally to the use of SBS modified asphalt, especially in the area of expressway construction in our country, but in recent years, the use of SBS modified asphalt has some problems, for example: SBS of storage stability of modified asphalt is a difficult problem, because SBS and asphalt compatibility between components of the difference, the modified agent and asphalt separation, reduces the performance of SBS modified asphalt; SBS modified asphalt in the stored procedure, the performance will decay, even if not stop stirring, decay cannot avoid, also influence the effect of the use of SBS modified asphalt.



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M.R. Xue, K.M. Li, M.H. Lee and X.Y. Zhang




W. Pan and J. Wu, "Application of High Strength Additives in SMA Asphalt Mixture", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 716-717, pp. 370-374, 2015

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December 2014





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