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Authors: Min Zhou
Abstract: Taking CVT plug-in hybrid electric vehicle as the study subject, the objective function of the energy economy is created. In view of engine, motor efficiency and CVT efficiency coupled relationship; proposed reverse optimization algorithm to solve function. The target speed ratio of optimal energy economy is obtained in different SOC (State Of Charge), velocity, acceleration and slope.
Authors: Ni Jun Song, Wei Qi, Jian Fang, Wei Liu, Duo Xiao
Abstract: A hybrid mobile power supply is developed based on air-cooled Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) and lithium battery. Pure fuel cell provides a rated output of 25W. With the assistance of lithium battery, the system provides instantaneous power of 50W. The system consists of fuel cell and its controller, lithium battery and its management circuit, power switching circuit, system control circuit and DC/DC convert circuit. The system is designed and realized, the measurement results show that the system works steadily below 50W.
Authors: Yi Fan
Abstract: Aiming at the deficiencies of the commonly used AMT and DSG structure in the electric vehicles’ transmission, a kind of three-speed automatic transmission structured by the planetary gear trains is designed. It uses the centrifugal components to realize the gear shifting, while using the electromagnetic brake and the motor reversal to realize the reversing. Based on the design concepts proposed, we did some matching calculations on the transmission system of a three-wheel pure electric vehicle, and finally made the optimization design on the driving motor’s selection and transmission parameters. The designed electric vehicle’s centrifugal automatic transmission has the characteristics of simple structure, small size and shifting smoothness, which can not only meet the requirements of the automobile power, but also improve the efficiency of the driving motor.
Authors: Yi Fan, Ru Kui Deng
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to propose a design of an automobile driver-assistance system. It uses the STC12C5A60S2 as its main controller, and the HC-SR04 as its ultrasonic ranging. Then, the sensor DHT11 is responsible for the external temperature and humidity measurement as well as the velocity correction. These help to improve the precision of the ultrasonic measurement. Through the combination of the vehicle distance detecting and the photo resistance monitoring the external illuminance, we can realize the vehicle-headlights intelligent switching. LCD12864 is an information display combining all the information such as temperature, humidity, vehicle distance and so on, and finally conduct the collision warning via the buzzer. The experimental results show that the system designed has advantages of reliable operation, simple structure, low price and double functions as the collision warning and the vehicle-headlights intelligent switching, which ensures it a good application prospect.
Authors: Liang Chu, Chong Guo, Yi Yang, Zi Cheng Fu, Yuan Jian Zhang
Abstract: In order to avoid the nonreversible damage to the batteries because of over discharge when the pure electric vehicle is moving, this article proposes a driving control strategy in limp mode due to under voltage. Firstly, research the discharge characteristics of the lithium battery pack. Secondly research and develop the control strategy that limit the motor torque by the closed-loop control of voltage. Finally develop the strategy model using MATLAB/Simulink, and finish the verification test and prove the control strategy effectiveness by offline simulation.
Authors: Jian Jun Yang
Abstract: s: According to the design requirements of pure electric light off-road vehicle in the initial stage of development, parameter values of the main parts of the vehicle drive system are selected after theoretical calculation. With the vehicle modeling and its performance simulation on the Cruise software, indicators of its dynamics and economic performance are got and the results are compared to the design requirements, which verified the feasibility of Cruise software application in the electric vehicle drive system development.
Authors: Hang Gong, Yao Ping Li, Jie Chao
Abstract: FSC is a Formula One car contest car works by the universities or auto-related professional school students team up to participate in the design and manufacture of automotive competition. All participating teams in accordance with the rules and race car manufacturing standards, in a year's time to design and manufacture an accelerating, braking, handling, and so has excellent performance of small single-seater racing leisure, to successfully complete all or Part of the event part of the game. This article discusses the single-cylinder engine and four-cylinder engine of the car design different vehicle.
Authors: Zhi Han Zhu, Hang Cao
Abstract: Based on using CATIA tools for car side around the welding jig are studied, by means of CATIA platform welding jig design, according to the design flow chart, produce drawings, it is advantageous to the reasonable arrangement of assembly line production, facilitate balanced location time, reduce the non-production season with lower production cost, improve the quality of automobile body design efficiency and design purpose.
Authors: Yu Bo Jiang, Liang Hua Jiang, Ya Qin Qin
Abstract: This thesis introduced the origin and function of traffic calming measures in solving road safety problem and reducing vehicle speed to make the environment more secure, also introduced several different types of basic traffic calming measures. Facts showed that using traffic measures can improve the safety of traffic environment, reduce vehicle speed and decrease accidents and pollutions. Therefore, traffic calming measures should be highly valued by governments and policy makers in constructing a city with harmony and prosperity.

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