Novel Image Color Difference Metric with Chromatic Adaptation Transform


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Existing image color difference metrics are not appropriate to predict the preserved image color difference when comparing images under mixed illumination. We propose a novel image color difference metric that apply the chromatic adaptation into image color difference model to obtain an objective image color difference. Meanwhile, a proper workflow for evaluating image color difference based on this metric is proposed. Subjective and objective experiments are properly designed and processed. The results indicate that the proposed image color difference metric is able to predict the preserved image color difference well.



Edited by:

Ouyang Yun, Xu Min, Yang Li and Liu Xunting




L. Lu et al., "Novel Image Color Difference Metric with Chromatic Adaptation Transform", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 731, pp. 114-119, 2015

Online since:

January 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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