Development of New Temperature Sensing Cable and Wireless Data Acquisition System


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Temperature sensing cable was mainly used for simultaneous detection of multi-point temperature of the measured object. It was widely used not only in industrial areas, such as the detection of cable temperature access to facility, but also in the agricultural sector, such as the greenhouse temperature testing. Conventional temperature sensing cable was mainly linear temperature sensing switch cable, and the transmission of data was also wired, so in practical applications, this temperature sensing cable had many disadvantages. In this article, the digital temperature sensor DS18B20 manufacturing temperature sensing cable was studied and researched, ZigBee technology was used for wireless transmission, and a high efficiency, low cost, wide application of the monitoring network was established to develop a new temperature sensing cable.



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Li Wang




S. F. Qi et al., "Development of New Temperature Sensing Cable and Wireless Data Acquisition System", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 740, pp. 568-571, 2015

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March 2015




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