Engineering Solutions for Manufacturing Processes V

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Authors: Fang Quan Chen, Guo Xiang Chen, Dao Yong Shao
Abstract: This text introduces one non-standard new clamping mechanism which is used to clamp the nuclear fuel rods in welding process. For hard working conditions in hot cell, it requires that the equipment should be anti-radiation, also with good stability and certain precision.
Authors: Jun Li, Lei Xu, Nian Yong Zhou, Yan Long Jiang, He Xu Wang
Abstract: When disasters occur under coal mines, the electric power system and compressed air system would be highly vulnerable to damage, while heat load will be produced in the chamber because of victims’ metabolism and equipments’ operation, so it is crucial to control temperature in the chamber effectively. This paper presents a new type of vortex tube ice storage refrigeration technology, and the property of a vortex tube is tested and theory of the ice storage system is studied, then the ice making time and the best working state are obtained. It provides theoretical basis for ice storage refrigeration of mine rescue, and it is of important reference value for engineering design.
Authors: Le Ping Liu, Yu An Peng, Ya Jun Yan, Qun Qun Gao
Abstract: Considering its important influence on ultrasonic burnishing, ultrasonic horn is the research object in this paper. Take theoretical design of it firstly, then build 3d model by ANSYS11.0 and carry out modal analysis and harmonic response analysis of it. The results show that the longitudinal vibration frequency and the amplitude of transducer are similar to the design value. This validates the feasibility of the design and provides a certain experimental basis for the application of horn in ultrasonic rolling process.
Authors: Yin Jun Zhang, Zheng Jie Lu, Jian Bo Nie, Hao Ran Wang
Abstract: Due to the current existing outdoor trash put, cannot effectively separate collection, easy to produce odor and other issues, In this paper we designed a solar intelligent trash. The trash can has a better appearance, can effectively separate collection, automatic flip, the use of solar power to achieve lighting, voice prompts, deodorant and other functions. Smart trash concise design, environmental protection, and harmony.
Authors: Quan Liu, Zhen Zhen
Abstract: According to the existing wind turbine blade design of classical theory to design the shapes of blades, choosing the standardized airfoils, using the parameters of each section of the blade to build 3D modeling by Pro/E software, using ANSYS finite element analysis software to determine the rationality of the design. In order to manufacture the blade light weight, high strength, the paper also studied manufacturing process of blades.
Authors: Chang Hyun Cho, Seung Bok Choi
Abstract: In modern society, a plenty of car accident is occurred and a lot of people get injury every day. For this reason, the importance of car safety has been increased and car safety has been extensively studied. Especially in many countries, the law about using baby safety seat is legislated to protect babies and children from accident. Thus, recently numerous products for baby safety have been developed. In this paper, a new type baby car seat is proposed to protect babies and children from frontal accident. In order to achieve this goal, design requirements of spring and MR(Magnetorheological) Damper which are main elements for a new type baby car seat are investigated.
Authors: Lin Chong Yu
Abstract: Mistuned responses are very complicated because the kinetic characters of flexible mechanism are highly nonlinear. A new approach of virtual prototype modelling and kinetic simulation was presented in order to analyze mistuned dynamic responses of flexible mechanism. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and importance sampling method were applied for the simulation. Statistical distribution of kinematical parameters was gained. As an example, a flexible expand mechanism model of space station was employed to test this method. The results prove that this method is available for kinematical analysis of complicated flexible mechanism. It has the advantage of high precision and reasonable computational cost.
Authors: Ji He Zhou, Yu Qin Shi
Abstract: By utilizing the acceleration sensor and the strain gauge, the non electrical quantity measurement technology, we collected the data of the dynamic strain process in the actual shooting circumstances of athletes and get the data through the computer; exploratory proposed the dynamic characteristics of the bow.
Authors: Wei Zhou, Yi Zhou, Jun Hua
Abstract: According to the sustainable development of green packaging design, research and application of green manufacturing technology and process of plant straw packaging extrusion mechanism design. Based on the straw packaging container material formulation and molding process, the analysis of the forming mechanism of plant straw packaging container. Key components of straw packaging container extruder extrusion mechanism carry on the design. The key component of extrusion mechanism of CAM profile design, to reduce the impact vibration as the goal, set up the CAM squeezing the motion analysis of the process, all parts of the CAM profile equation is given.

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