Analysis to the Depth of Subgrade Workspace of the Heavy-Loaded Traffic Main Road in Shanghai


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The current subgrade workspace of the Shanghai heavy-loaded traffic main roads has varying degrees of disease problems. This paper chooses the typical structure of asphalt concrete as a pavement model, aiming to calculate the stress of subgrade by using BASAR3.0 program, and analyze subgrade workspace depth under heavy axle load. Elastic layered system theory is used to calculate the depth of the roadbed work area under different conditions and typical road structure. Result shows that under the condition of heavy-loaded traffic, it is insufficient for the subgrade workspace with the depth of 0-80cm. In order to ensure steady support the pavement structure, and avoid its serious distortion, the depth of subgrade workspace should be adjusted. It has a certain reference value for the prevention and treatment of diseases of heavy-loaded traffic road.



Edited by:

X.Q. Zeng, Y.N. Chen and B. Xu




X.J. Wen and Y.F. Bai, "Analysis to the Depth of Subgrade Workspace of the Heavy-Loaded Traffic Main Road in Shanghai", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 743, pp. 91-98, 2015

Online since:

March 2015





* - Corresponding Author

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