Dimensional Variation of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel on Circular Cutting with Abrasive Jet Machining Technology


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The manufacturing of aluminum honeycomb panel are usually difficult. The abrasive waterjet method can offer a suitable solution. This paper presents the results of some experiments on waterjet cutting of circular holes into aluminum honeycomb panel, which can be further used for cutting holes in aluminum honeycomb panel . The main problem which occurs is the tapered shape of the hole, due to the mechanics of the process and the control of the kerf produced by the waterjet. The experiments considered several values of the main process parameters like the pump pressure and the feed rate which have a direct influence on the part machineability. After measuring the parts, there were analyzed the main dimensional parameters of precision to reveal the proper solution for obtaining the required quality of the process.



Edited by:

Tom Savu, Nicolae Ionescu, Constantin Opran, Iulian Tabara, Adrian Bruja and Luige Vladareanu




H. Bulea et al., "Dimensional Variation of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel on Circular Cutting with Abrasive Jet Machining Technology", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 760, pp. 397-402, 2015

Online since:

May 2015




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