Enhancing Romanian SMEs Innovation Capacity by Mitigation the Risk Drivers


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SMEs are flexible to changes and may even face the challenge of changing the industry or technology. Although they are innovative, they face a lot of risk in their struggle to win a niche market. There are numerous studies regarding open innovation in SMEs, but few of them get the focus on risk drivers and methods to mitigate it. This paper analyzes the innovation degree in Romania compared to EU, analyzes the SMEs’ internal and external risk drivers associated with open innovation, and suggests different ways to reduce the risk of implementing innovation



Edited by:

Prof. Tom Savu, Nicolae Ionescu, Constantin Gheorghe OPRAN, Iulian Tabără, Adrian Bruja and Luige Vladareanu




R. Țoniș-Bucea-Manea, "Enhancing Romanian SMEs Innovation Capacity by Mitigation the Risk Drivers", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 760, pp. 757-762, 2015

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May 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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