Acoustic Emission Diagnostics of the Destruction of Welded Joints Stainless Steel Pipes Arising Welding


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It is now possible to formulate the relation of the linear size of cracking arising on welding the cylindrical homogeneous-metal. Mathematical simulation of metal crystallization on welding and micro structural analysis give an insight into the fact that there begins crack nucleation in a weld root. Experimentally, by means of Acoustic Emission (AE), one can study welding and obtain the amplitude distribution of AE signals from cracking against the background of the hindrance accompanying this process. The conditions were found making impossible cracking.



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Dr. Dmitry A. Chinakhov




A.M. Apasov, "Acoustic Emission Diagnostics of the Destruction of Welded Joints Stainless Steel Pipes Arising Welding", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 770, pp. 60-65, 2015

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June 2015





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