Calculation of Grillage Strip Foundation in Area of Karst Collapses Formation


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Now the most pressing and to end unresolved question is the determination of the design parameters for the base in the conditions of formation of karst deformations. Foundation calculations made on the basis of forecasting karst manifestations sizes and the likelihood of their formation at the base of the designed construction. In paper presented the grillage calculation scheme. We calculated the grillage with four bays for four cases: excluding karst collapse, taking into account the collapse of a single support, taking into account the collapse under two not adjacent supports and taking into account the collapse at two adjacent supports. In paper presents the diagrams of bending moments and shear forces.



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Dr. Dmitry A. Chinakhov




R. V. Sharapov and N. D. Lodigina, "Calculation of Grillage Strip Foundation in Area of Karst Collapses Formation", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 770, pp. 723-728, 2015

Online since:

June 2015




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