A Cross-Sectional TEM Specimen of a Multilayer Thin Film Prepared Using the FIB Technique


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A focused ion beam (FIB) mill equipped with a microsampling (MS) unit and combined with transmission electron microscopy (TEM)/scanning TEM-energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (STEM-EDXS) is a powerful tool for studies of the functional advanced materials. For the studies, the specimen must be prepared as a thin foil which is tranparent to the electron beam. Focused ion beam is very effective method for fabricating TEM specimen of the cross-sectional thin film with the “lift-out” technique using a tungsten (W)-needle probe as a micromanipulator. A multilayer film of MgB2/Ni deposited on a Si (001) substrate prepared by FIB-MS technique is presented. Before FIB fabrication, the surface of the multilayer film was coated with W-film to prevent the surface from bombardment by the ion beam. A bright field (BF)-STEM image of the multilayer film related to two-dimensional (2D) elemental mapping clearly showed the presence of MgB2-and Ni-nanolayers. The measured experimental spacing between Ni-nanolayers was comparable with the actual specimen design, but the thickness of Ni-nanolayer was not. Unexpected nanostructures of the formation of SiO2 film on the substrate surface and holes within the film were observed.



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Khairurrijal, Kuwat Triyana and Shidiq Nur Hidayat




H. Sosiati et al., "A Cross-Sectional TEM Specimen of a Multilayer Thin Film Prepared Using the FIB Technique", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 771, pp. 108-111, 2015

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July 2015




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