Effect of Diffusion Bonding Temperature on Mechanical and Microstructure Characteristics of Cp Titanium and High Strength Aluminium Dissimilar Joints


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In this investigation, Commercially Pure (Cp) titanium was diffusion bonded to AA7075-T6 aluminium alloy at various temperatures of 450, 475, 500, 525 and 5500 C, bonding pressure of 17, MPa and holding time of 40 minutes was applied during the diffusion bonding. The effects of reaction temperature, Bonding time and atmosphere on the diffusion welding characteristics of titanium and aluminum have been studied. The maximum Lap shear strength was found to be 89 MPa for the specimen bonded at the temperature of 525°C, Bonding Pressure 17 MPa and Holding time for 40 min.



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N. Nallusamy, Dr. Mariappan Suresh, S. Rajkumar and A.K. Lakshminarayanan




K. Dheenadayalan et al., "Effect of Diffusion Bonding Temperature on Mechanical and Microstructure Characteristics of Cp Titanium and High Strength Aluminium Dissimilar Joints", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 787, pp. 495-499, 2015

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August 2015




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