Mechanical and Magnetic Analysis of Giant Magnetostrictive Transducer


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The giant magnetostrictive transducer is a prospective kind of transducer for precession position and actuator utilization. The transducer design need cooperated with the mechanics, electrics and magnetics knowledge. It designs the giant magnetostrictive transducer and employed the finite element method to simulate and analysis the transducer’s prestress mechanism and modal analysis, Meanwhile, It uses the Ansoft software simulated and calculated the electrical and magnetical performance of the designed transducer. It presents the calculating method of the actuator’s mechanical, magnetic and thermal system, and utilizes the finite element method to analysis the actuator’s prestress mechanism, modal mode, permanent and electromagnetic magnetic circuit. The simulation results verified the design is reasonable and effective. The discussion of the model, analysis and simulation method of the transducer can direct the future transducer design and manufacture.



Edited by:

Yiyi Zhouzhou and Qi Luo




X. Y. Wang et al., "Mechanical and Magnetic Analysis of Giant Magnetostrictive Transducer", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 79, pp. 166-171, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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