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Authors: Pin Le Qin, Yan Lin, Ming Chen
Abstract:To improve the convergence rate of model-free learning adaptive controller (MFLAC) and decrease difficulty of parameters choice in control...
Authors: Rong Hui Xu, Jiu Ba Wen, Feng Zhang Ren
Abstract:Synthesis of CdS/CdCO3 Core/Shell semiconductor nanocrystals potentially used for solar cell via hydrothermal route is presented....
Authors: Xing Guo Shao, Zhen Cai Zhu, Guo Hua Cao, Yi Lei Li
Abstract:This paper studies the forward kinematics of a sinking winch mechanism, which is in category of four-cable-driving parallel robot. The...
Authors: Yi Du, Yi Lin Chi, Wu Xing
Abstract:In the traditional machinery fault diagnosis, the feature extraction leads information loss and the different information sources’ space-time...
Authors: Bin Tang, Shuang Shou Li, Man Qiong Xu, Da Ben Zeng
Abstract:The influences of Ca addition (<1.2wt %) on structure and tensile fracture behavior of AZ91D alloy were investigated in this article....
Authors: Bao Hua Yu, Yan Qiu Jing, Jian Jun Liu, Huai Qi Li, Xin Hua Zhang, Xiao Ran Qu, Jin Lei, Jin Feng Zhu
Abstract:Inder order to determine Benzopyrene (BaP) in Mainstream and Sidestream Smoke, a Solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge was used to isolate...
Authors: Yan Qiu Jing, Guang Liang Li, Jian Jun Liu, Hai Tang Huang, Hong Min Hu, Hong Li Zhang, Xiao Hui Xie, Jin Feng Zhu
Abstract:In order to study the effects of filter ventilation on flavor constituents in cigarette smoke, the deliveries of 20 added flavor constituents...
Authors: Yan Qiu Jing, Jian Jun Liu, Guang Liang Li, Yang Hong, Xin Hua Zhang, Li Xin Xue, Xiao Hui Xie, Jin Le
Abstract:A Reversed-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatographic method was developed for determining free Amino Acids in Burley Tobacco. The test...
Authors: Hong Li Li, Yan Wang
Abstract:The aim of this paper was to analyze the biomethanization process of cattle manure with four different total solid percentages (15%, 20%,...
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