Chemical, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Volume 79

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Liao Gong, Feng Zhao, Hong Ying Xia, Ya Qian Wu

Abstract: Based on physical chemistry pseudo ternary phase diagram and orthogonal experimental method, the method of the component and preparation of...

Authors: De Quan Shi, Gui Li Gao, Zhi Wei Gao, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: By using the universal mechanical testing machine and electric microscope, the effect of solution parameters on the mechanical properties of...

Authors: H. Z. Zheng, Y. J. Zhu, Z. J. Zhang, X. R. Lin, Z. J. Zhou, X. C. Ye, S. G. Wu

Abstract: Nano-Ni(OH)2 doped with special elements were prepared by supersonic co-precipitation method. Complex electrodes were prepared by...

Authors: Bao Wen Zhang, Jian Ping Lin, Zhi Guo Lu

Abstract: In the weld-through technique of weld-bonding process, adhesive usually suffers extremely high temperature, causing damage to adhesive and...

Authors: Jing Bai, Yang Shan Sun, Feng Xue

Abstract: Microstructures and creep property of the Mg-4Al based alloy with addition of 2% Sr and 1%Ca were investigated. The as-cast microstructures...

Authors: Chuan Xi Liu

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the robust delayed-state-feedback fault-tolerant control problem for fuzzy markovian jump systems with...

Authors: Zhao Dong Liu, Lei Chen, De Hua Yang, Zhi Gang Han

Abstract: The deformations of the 600mm aperture interferometer mirrors induced by gravity and supporting forces must be controlled strictly to ensure...

Authors: Li Ping Zhao, Zong De Liu, Song Wang, Jun Peng Liu

Abstract: TiC/Ni composite material was synthesized by melt in-situ reaction from mixed Ti, C, Mo and Ni powders. Microstructure and phase composition...

Authors: Hui Li, Xin Hui Ma

Abstract: On account of the problems which often appeared in the biomass pyrolysis device, a new set of improved biomass pyrolysis device was...

Authors: Ru Yi Wang, Zheng Lin Liu, Yong Jin

Abstract: The 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model and fluid structure interaction (FSI) model of water-lubricated rubber bearing with 10 axial...


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