Operational Optimization of High Voltage Power Station Based Fuzzy Logic Intelligent Controller


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This paper discusses the use of the intelligent microcontroller and also discusses the results from the simulation application of fuzzy logic theory to the control of the high voltage direct and alternation current (HVDC)& (HVAC) power station systems. The application considered their implementation in both low and high level control systems in HVDC& HVAC power station systems. The results for the fuzzy logic based controller shows many improvements compared to the conventional HVDC& HVAC control system. The fuzzy logic based controller concept was further successfully extended to high level control of optimization problems such as the power swings. Based on simulation results, HVDC and HVAC breaker design are online protection against unwanted incidents happening to the system.



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Gomesh Nair a/l Shasidharan, Muhammad Irwanto, Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan and Baharuddin Ismail




A. S. T. Hussain et al., "Operational Optimization of High Voltage Power Station Based Fuzzy Logic Intelligent Controller", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 793, pp. 100-104, 2015

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September 2015




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