A Generalized Elasto-Plastic Micro-Polar Constitutive Model


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This paper summarizes the implementation of an elasto-plastic constitutive model for a micro-polar continuum in the constitutive models framework of the software INSANE (INteractive Structural ANalysis Environment). Such an implementation is based on the tensorial format of a unified constitutive models formulation, that allows to implement different constitutive models independently on the peculiar numerical method adopted for the solution of the problem. The basic characteristics of the micro-polar continuum model and of the unified formulation of constitutive models are briefly recalled. A generalization of the micro-polar model is then introduced in order to include this model in the existent tensor-based formulation. Finally, an enhanced version of the general closest-point algorithm, ables to manage the generalized micro-polar formulation, is derived. A strain localization problem modeling illustrates the implementation.



Edited by:

Prof. Dashnor Hoxha, Prof. Ian McAndrew and Prof. Anh Dung Ngo






L. Gori et al., "A Generalized Elasto-Plastic Micro-Polar Constitutive Model", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 798, pp. 505-509, 2015

Online since:

October 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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