Development of Simulator for Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


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Testing and debugging of real equipment is a time consuming task. In particular, in the case of marine robots, it is necessary each time to carry out the transportation and deployment of a robot on the water. Experiments with not yet fully functional prototype of marine robot equipped with expensive hardware is in the meantime very risky. Therefore, the use of simulators is affordable way to accelerate the development of robotic systems from the viewpoint of labor effort and cost of experiments. This paper presents a simulator specifically designed for autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles.



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Guanghsu Chang, Jieh-Shian Young and Wirachman Wisnoe




B. Gurenko et al., "Development of Simulator for Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Vehicle", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 799-800, pp. 1001-1005, 2015

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October 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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