Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

Volumes 80-81

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Yang, Guang Feng Xi, Xi Qiu Fan

Abstract: Steel constructions located in marine environments are exposed to more serious corrosion than in other environments, which result in great...

Authors: Shabnam Hosseini, Mohammad Bagher Limooei

Abstract: In this research, fatigue behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy was investigated for smooth and notched specimens with stress concentration...

Authors: Yu Hua Yang, Zhen Yu Zhao, Xin Feng Guan, Xiu Jian Chou

Abstract: (Pb, La) (Zr, Ti)O3 (PLZT) antiferroelectric thick films were deposited on Pt (111)/ Ti/SiO2/Si (100) substrates via...

Authors: Xiao Juan Wang, Bao Jun Han

Abstract: The effect of strain on the microstructure evolution of Fe-32%Ni alloy during multi-axial forging at the temperature of 500°C and a strain...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Shi Cheng Zhao

Abstract: The temperature memory effect of shape memory alloy (SMA) induced by an incomplete martensitic inverse phase transformation has the...

Authors: Hai Wei Zhang, Yu Ting He, Li Ming Wu, Hua Ding, Qing Shao

Abstract: 2A12 specimens are selected in pre-corrosion fatigue test to get the ground corrosion effect coefficient, namely C(t) curve. Then, combining...

Authors: Yin Fang Jiang, Yi He, Yu Zhong He, Xiao Ming Qian, Yu Huang

Abstract: Shrinkage porosity defects occurring in ring groove underside the pin hole of aluminum piston are strongly influenced by the time-varying...

Authors: Zhong Chu, Guo Qun Zhao

Abstract: The effect of the middle heat treatment+aging(1323K+1073K) for the precipitation mechanism and volume fraction of Ni-11at.%Cr-17at.%Al...

Authors: Li Hua Zhan, Yan Guang Li, Ming Hui Huang

Abstract: The effects of process parameters on evolution of microstructures of 7055 aluminum alloy in creep age forming were studied and the...


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