Stability Analysis of the Golden Section Adaptive Control Systems for Attitude Keeping of Spacecraft with Unknown Parameters


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All-coefficient golden section adaptive control scheme for attitude keeping of spacecraft with unknown parameters is proposed in this paper. Based on Lyapunov’s direct method for time-variant discrete systems, the paper gives the conditions for the uniform asymptotic stability of the all-coefficient golden section adaptive control system. The given conditions are dependent on the relations between coefficients in the closed-loop system equations and the variable rates of the coefficients. The result in this paper can be used to analyze quantitatively the stability of multivariable time-variant discrete systems. Thus, a theoretical foundation is established to apply the golden section adaptive control method to control specific spacecraft.



Edited by:

Linli Xu, Wenya Tian and Elwin Mao






D. Q. Sun "Stability Analysis of the Golden Section Adaptive Control Systems for Attitude Keeping of Spacecraft with Unknown Parameters", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 80-81, pp. 1096-1102, 2011

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July 2011





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