The Fracture of Concrete Based on Acoustic Emission


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As a modern nondestructive testing technology,acoustic emission which is the important research of fracture mechanics analysis method and the effective ways of evaluation, can convenient to discrimination of concrete structures, properties and internal defects of concrete material. Firstly this article expounded the research progress of the acoustic emission at home and abroad in the field of concrete, especially in the field of research progress of concrete dam.Through the improvement of testing equipment and testing system, concrete fracture parameters had been introduced into the acoustic emission experiments. Not only can they control the loading rate in the test accurately, but also can monitor the real-time of crack state.The specimens can be accurately judged for the specimen cracking and instability and failure of the moment and characteristics.According to the concrete fracture critical state of acoustic emission characteristics identification, fracture criterion of acoustic emission of concrete had been established.Experimental results showed that the acoustic emission characteristic parameters can be accurate judged on time and in good agreement with traditional strain measurements. This criterion is more intuitive and easier for operation. Thus acoustic emission provides a theoretical and technical support in the concrete application of the fracture parameters test.



Edited by:

Linli Xu, Wenya Tian and Elwin Mao






S. W. Hu et al., "The Fracture of Concrete Based on Acoustic Emission", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 80-81, pp. 261-265, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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