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Authors: Anatoly P. Avdeenko, Mitar Lutovac, Svetlana A. Konovalova, Mykhailo V. Fedorynov
Abstract: It has been shown the efficiency of use of high-temperature greases “Natol-H-1(2)” in steel rolling in the result of research of friction coefficients (steel-to-steel) for various rolling pressures on application of greases “Natol”. Medium-temperature putted greases Natol-M-1(2) and pumpable consistent greases “Natol-Р-1(2, 3)” are not suitable for steel rolling. The influence of various components and their percentages in greases on magnitude of friction coefficients was found.
Authors: Anatoly P. Avdeenko, Mitar Lutovac, Svetlana A. Konovalova, Mykhailo V. Fedorynov
Abstract: We investigated the friction coefficients (steel-to-steel) for various rolling pressures on application of consistent anti-wear, antiwelding, and metal-cladding greases and 11 metal-working coolants. The protective grease ХАDО (Ukraine) and import anti-wear greases Mol Favorit-2, Shell Albida, and Mobil 461 were found to be effective in steel rolling. The greases containing molybdenum disulfide don’t have high greasing properties in steel rolling, i.e. at plastic deformations of steels. The surface-active substances PEG-4 (Rapeseedamine) and polyoxyethylene alkylether of carboxylic acids (AKYPO RO 90 and AKYPO RO 20) are suitable for creation of new technological metal-working coolants for steel rolling. Considerable decrease in friction coefficient is observed in steel rolling at use of a technological liquid “Universal-1TC”.
Authors: Vladimir Ivanovich Galkin, Evgeniya Evgenievna Sheshko
Abstract: The article deals with the advantages of special types of conveyors and, in particular, the sandwich belt high-angle conveyors, and also several problems appearing when designing and creating high-productive installations under high conveying angle and to considerable height. Processes of overstrain of separate sections of the belt and also considerable deformations of edges and the middle of the belt are established in the article. It is shown that an effective method of the solution of such tasks is the modeling of strain deformed state of belts with utilization of methods and the software application of the ANSYS complex. Decision examples for separate sections are given in the article too. The role of elastic properties of the belts and their durability when basing parameters of the considered sections is proved in the article. It is shown that modern rubber fabric and rubber cable belts give the chance of creation of powerful conveyor installations with a cover belt for large conveying angles and high productivity.
Authors: Viktor Gutarevych, Nataliia Vodolaskaya, Esad Jakupović, Dragoljub Mirjanić
Abstract: The influence of the moving load on suspended monorail was studied. During the movement of suspended carriages were established inertial forces, which lead to the additional monorail curvature. Found the dependence of the maximum dynamic load of the trucks speed along the monorail. Established speed of truck at which load of the monorail is practically static. The dependence of the bending section of the monorail under the influence of moving dynamic forces and the value of dynamic coefficient for suspended monorail track were found.
Authors: Vlatko Marušić, Sergiy Kovalevskyy, Ivan Samardžić, Ivan Opačak, Luka Marušić
Abstract: This paper describes the specifics of the waste incineration boiler with natural circulation fueled with municipal waste. During operation, certain parts of the boiler are exposed to corrosion and erosion due to effect of particles from the flue gas stream at high temperature. Tests have been performed which include sediment and pipe damage after one year of boiler work. Chemical analysis of sediment samples was taken from the tubes was determined presence of NaCl and Fe compounds and share from 18 % organic substances in the presence of SO3.
Authors: Mihail Aurel Țîțu, Carmen Purcar, Vasile Făgărășan
Abstract: The paper contains a modeling application with the help of factorial experiments of influence variations of some parameters of natural gases over the hourly flow delivered towards population. In order to completely and correctly draft the experiment we followed and highlighted the objective functions of the process to be analyzed, and then there were identified the factors that influence the objective function to be analyzed. In the end the experimental data was processed and solutions were proposed.
Authors: Zoran Nikolić, Darko Savić, Milan Nikolić, Miodrag Nikolić
Abstract: Mechanical engineering is one of the fields in which contemporary information technologies are widely applied. Technologies of production mounting processes impose a need for designing software solutions which would significantly improve their performances. First of all, we refer to the acceleration of manipulation process of the integral parts of assembly, their modification and mounting processes themselves. The set of integrated IDEF methods represents basic tools of contemporary strategies and technologies for the advancement of technological and business processes. Within the implementation of the project “Information system of the cylinder assembly mounting technology“, we have conducted a functional and information modelling of technological process of cylinder assembly mounting by applying IDEF method. By information modelling of process data, the conditions for the development of an applicative data model are created.
Authors: Zoran Nikolić, Predrag Dašić, Dragan Jocić, Milan Nikolić
Abstract: The paper presents the main characteristics of heating plant Voždovac, methods of data acquisition and storing them in a database. Special attention is paid to creating queries and reports. The database is comprehensive because in addition to the measured and calculated data it contains all parameters related to the number of heat transfer stations, their capacity, built-in device by which with most heating plants is equipped in our country and abroad, and the state of consumed heat energy. The contribution of the database to efficient operation of heating plant Voždovac and maintenance of its facilities is emphasized. The database operation is illustrated by explaining the mode of certain forms, queries and reports.
Authors: Aleksandar Vujović, Zdravko Krivokapić, Jelena Jovanović
Abstract: The paper is a result of research at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Podgorica and represents the aspiration of authors to combine scientific and technical experience in order to achieve improvement in a real system. It is a complex system of lock chambers in a hydroelectric power plant. Based on a detailed analysis of the initial state, through the process modeling of complex real system, the authors identify possible areas where the intervening and applying modern systems with greater flexibility is necessary to achieve higher levels of automation. Also, proposed in the paper are measures for ensuring the security of information that rise system performance to a higher level compared to the competition and create an advantage in the global market.

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