Advanced Research in Aerospace Engineering, Robotics, Manufacturing Systems, Mechanical Engineering and Biomedicine

Volume 811

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rochdi El Abdi, Alexandru Dumitrache Rujinski

Abstract: Fiber-optic sensors are mostly used for in situ measurements of diverse chemical composition of industrial surfactants employed in industry...

Authors: Maria Cristina Dijmărescu, Dumitru Titi Cicic, Corneliu Rontescu, Gheorghe Solomon, Mihai Ion Vasile

Abstract: In manufacturing industry there are many applications for the permanent joint of components of different shapes, but they are also very...

Authors: Afshin Mohammadhosseini, Darren Fraser, S.H. Masood, Mahnaz Jahedi

Abstract: The wear of polymeric bearing material in contact with metallic biomedical implant has often been the main cause of long-term clinical...

Authors: Gheorghe Matache, Cristian Puscasu, Alexandru Paraschiv, Oana Trusca

Abstract: Thermal sprayed Mo coatings deposited on steel support deposited by electric arc and atmospheric plasma spray were investigated....

Authors: Camelia Boboc

Abstract: Processing by thermal spray metallization is a process widely used in industrial area. Surface Coatings systems using electric arc spray...

Authors: Mihaela Suciu, Mihai Sorin Tripa, Lucia Ghioltean, Daniela Paunescu

Abstract: This paper presents an original work about the calculus of fatigue resistance to limited durability for a desmopan membrane, a thermoplastic...

Authors: Susana Sfechiş, Mihail Abrudean, Diana Monica Sas, Mihaela Ligia Ungureşan, Iulia Clitan, Vlad Mureşan

Abstract: The paper presents a solution for modeling and simulation of the adsorption process of the sulfur dioxide in natural zeolites. The...

Authors: Dan Prodan, Anca Bucuresteanu, Adrian Motomancea, Emilia Balan

Abstract: This paper shows several issues related to decrease in electric power consumption for hydraulic systems of modern machine tools, especially...

Authors: Silviu Nastac, Carmen Debeleac, Cristian Simionescu

Abstract: Computational dynamics of technological equipments dealing with intensive, shock-like and various working regimes frames the area of this...


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