Experimental Study towards Heterogeneous Welded Joint, Case Study: Welding Joint of Carbon Steel S235JR + AR with Stainless Steel 316L


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In manufacturing industry there are many applications for the permanent joint of components of different shapes, but they are also very different in terms of chemical composition and structure [1, 2]. This paper is trying to find technological solutions of assembling by welding of two steels with totally different chemical composition, i.e. carbon steel S235JR + AR and austenitic stainless 316L. The process used for making the heterogeneous joint was Metal Inert Gas (MIG) with flux cored wire, numerically coded 137. The paper presents the effects of welding technology, through heat input, such as hardness. Variations of hardness values determined in the joint areas are presented, as well as the chemical composition of the welded joint obtained using the flux cored wire T 23 12 LPM 1/C1, according to EN ISO 17633 - A.



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Prof. Adrian Olaru




M. C. Dijmărescu et al., "Experimental Study towards Heterogeneous Welded Joint, Case Study: Welding Joint of Carbon Steel S235JR + AR with Stainless Steel 316L", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 811, pp. 9-13, 2015

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November 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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