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Authors: David Z. Yankelevsky, Stephan Schwarz, Yuri Karinski
Keynote Lectures
Abstract:The spread of terror and war threats aimed against built up urban areas has extended considerably and attracts the attention and concern of...
Authors: Federico M. Mazzolani
Keynote Lectures
Abstract:The main objective of the international research project (COST C26 Action, Chairman F.M. Mazzolani) dealing with “Urban Habitat Constructions...
Authors: Nemy Banthia
Keynote Lectures
Abstract:Since 9/11, there has been an increased interest in developing a better understanding of the properties of concrete structures under impact...
Authors: Joško Ožbolt, Akanshu Sharma, Hans Wolf Reinhardt
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:The behavior of concrete structures is strongly influenced by the loading rate. Compared to quasi-static loading concrete loaded by impact...
Authors: Benjamin Erzar, Pascal Forquin
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:Concrete is a material used all over the world for civil engineering but the mechanisms governing its dynamic behaviour are still not well...
Authors: Jaap Weerheijm, Ilse Vegt
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:Data on the dynamic fracture energy of concrete are scarce and also not consistent due to different test methods, data analyses and...
Authors: Sha Sha Wang, Min Hong Zhang, Ser Tong Quek
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:This paper presents a laboratory experimental study on the effect of high strain rate on compressive behavior of plain and fiber-reinforce...
Authors: Marco Peroni, George Solomos, Valerio Pizzinato, Martin Larcher
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:The purpose of this work is to assess the dynamic mechanical behaviour of a commercial glass similar to that of the laminated glass...
Authors: Martin Larcher, Martien Teich, Norbert Gebbeken, George Solomos, Folco Casadei, Grecia A. Falcon, Sonja L. Sarmiento
Chapter 1: Performance of Materials
Abstract:In this paper, several material models are analyzed in order to represent and compare the behaviour of laminated glass subjected to blast...
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