Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: René Suter, Olivier Francey

Abstract: The University for Applied Sciences of Fribourg (UAS-FR) proceeded to theoretical and experimental studies on paraseismic strengthening of...

Authors: Yashar Khalighi, Nemy Banthia

Abstract: Our understanding of how the bond between FRP and concrete performs under impact loading is severely limited. In this paper, bond...

Authors: Beatrice Faggiano, Antonio Formisano, Daniela De Gregorio, Tony De Lucia, Federico M. Mazzolani

Abstract: Down the century, the volcanic eruptions have produced fatalities and economic losses. Today, almost half billion people and many...

Authors: Hirokazu Iemura, Akihiro Toyooka, Masaki Higuchi, Osamu Kouchiyama

Abstract: In the first part of this study, theoretical and numerical evaluation of negative stiffness appearing in the skyhook control is conducted....

Authors: Donato Cancellara, Mario Pasquino

Abstract: In this paper, the possibility offered by the Base Isolation System, designed according to the strategy of limitation seismic force, in...

Authors: Beatrice Faggiano, Federico M. Mazzolani

Abstract: Earthquake-induced fire is a critical earthquake-related hazard. Large fires following an earthquake have been often of catastrophic...

Authors: Yoshio Nakayama, Kunihiko Wakabayashi, Tomoharu Matsumura, Mitsuaki Iida

Abstract: To reduce safe distance such as inhabited building distance (IBD), a new type magazine, which is referred to as a subsurface magazine, has...

Authors: Andrew Tyas, Terry Bennett, James A. Warren, Stephen D. Fay, Sam E. Rigby

Abstract: The total impulse imparted to a target by an impinging blast wave is a key loading parameter for the design of blast-resistant structures...

Authors: Zachery I. Smith, Edward R. Fyfe, Sean P. Wisotzkey

Abstract: Suspension and cable-stayed bridge cables are currently vulnerable to multiple scenarios that can jeopardize the integrity of the bridge....

Authors: Jerzy Malachowski, Tadeusz Niezgoda

Abstract: The paper is based on non–linear finite element analysis of the blast wave effects on structures, caused by the detonation of explosive...


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