Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Emidio Nigro, Giuseppe Cefarelli, Anna Ferraro, Gaetano Manfredi, Edoardo Cosenza

Abstract: The Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) is a multi-discipline aimed to define the fire safety strategy for buildings under fire conditions, in...

Authors: Hyung Jun Kim, Heung Youl Kim, Soo Young Park

Abstract: Composite beam using asymmetric H-shaped steel is one of the constructional structures developed in the advanced countries in Europe since...

Authors: Eike Wolfram Klingsch, Andrea Frangi, Mario Fontana

Abstract: The paper presents results of experimental and numerical analyses on the fire behavior of concrete elements protected by sprayed protective...

Authors: Patrick Bamonte, Roberto Felicetti, Pietro G. Gambarova, Alireza Nafarieh

Abstract: Some catastrophic fires occurred in the last 15 years in both road and railway tunnels usedby millions of people are turning the attention of...

Authors: Dan Dubina, Florea Dinu

Abstract: Multi-story building structures can suffer local damage or even structural collapse in case of extreme natural or man-made hazards. While...

Authors: Remo Chiodi, Domenico Asprone, Filippo Maimone, Andrea Prota, Francesco Ricciardelli

Abstract: The Italian wind climate is characterized by rather low annual average wind velocity, and moderately high extremes; on the other hand, Italy...

Authors: Farhad Behnamfar, Razieh Nikbakht

Abstract: Underground trains passing below structures may produce vibrations harming occupants and nonstructural elements, though they do not usually...

Authors: Chang Guk Sun

Abstract: Site effects inducing the amplification of earthquake ground motion are strongly influenced by the local geologic conditions such as soil...

Authors: Akm Anwarul Islam, Frank Li, Phaneendra K. Kolli

Abstract: The objective of this research is to monitor the structural health of an urban bridge real-time in the City of Youngstown, OH, by applying...

Authors: Daniele Inaudi, Pascale Favez, Riccardo Belli, Daniele Posenato

Abstract: The dynamic monitoring of civil structures such as buildings and bridges is traditionally approached using acceleration and velocity...


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